For Luminate Online clients, a wealth of download samples and documentation are available to you that cover a variety of the available Luminate Online APIs. Examples include usage of the APIs available for Advocacy, Events, TeamRaiser, Surveys, Constituents, Authentication, and Donations.

Donations from your Facebook Fan Page

Use the Donation API to add a donation form to your Facebook Page.

File size: 16 KB

Adding a Sign-Up Form to Your Organization's Facebook Page

This document details how you can add a simple e-newsletter sign-up form (or other Survey) to your organization's Facebook Page using iframes.

File size: 6 KB

Perl Script for Publishing Calendar Events to

Perl script written to publish events created in Convio to

File size: 9 KB

Python Library for Convio Open APIs

This is a simple Python wrapper, designed to easily configure, make calls to, and handle responses from the Convio Open API.

File size: 2 KB

PHP Library for Convio Open APIs

This is a simple PHP wrapper interface for the Convio Open API.

File size: 3 KB

Mobile-Friendly Donation Form Sample Code

Sample code for creating a donation form using Convio's Donation API that is optimized for mobile devices like the iPhone.

File size: 13 KB

TeamRaiser Registration API Example

Example using TeamRaiser Registration APIs includes material from "Creating a Custom TeamRaiser Registration Flow on the Open API," Convio Summit, Oct 4, 2011

File size: 461 KB

Cross-domain AJAX Donation Form Example

Example of a basic flexible sustaining donation form implemented in AJAX. Uses jQuery and Convio JavaScript libraries.

File size: 212KB

TeamRaiser Event Search Example using AJAX

An example using AJAX to access the Convio TeamRaiser API from an externally-hosted web page.

File size: 58 KB

Survey API Reference Implementation

This is a reference implmentation of the Survey API using JavaScript.

File size: 20 KB

Summit 2009 Donation API Seminar

Slides and source code from a seminar presented by Dave Hart, Convio CTO at the 2009 Convio Summit Conference, with an example Donation API form.

File size: 723 KB

jQuery plugin for the getRegisteredTeamraisers API method

jQuery plugin that uses the getRegisteredTeamraisers API method to show a logged in constituent a list of all TeamRaisers they are currently registered for.

File size: 4 KB

Facebook Code Generator for Convio Forms

A custom admin page that generates Facebook code for Convio forms, allowing users to easily share interactions on your site with their friends.

File size: 30K

Custom Interactions API example: Pet Adoption

Custom Interactions API example from the Summer 2010 Convio release - interactive pet adoption application

File size: 360 KB

Convio Integration API for Drupal

Install and configure Convio Open API authentication credentials, single sign-on, content personalization, and Convio Source Code tracking on Drupal pages.

File size: Multiple Downloads

Building a Social Advocacy Campaign on the Convio Open Platform

Slides and notes from a presentation by Steve Mook, Engineering Program Manager for Open and Doug Fierro, Senior Product Manager, at Summit 2010 in Baltimore.

File size: 4 MB

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