Custom Interactions API example: Pet Adoption

As part of the Summer 2010 release, Convio has added the ability to record custom interactions for constituents, along with a new set of supporting Open API methods. Custom interactions allow clients to create their own interaction types to capture, view, track, report, and act upon constituent-initiated actions that are not provided out of the box, and also capture interactions that may occur outside of the Convio system. The primary application of custom interactions is intended to improve marketing segmentation by providing a richer set of constituent data for analysis and metrics, but custom interactions can also be leveraged in a variety of other ways to extend and improve existing product functionality.

This demo shows how the custom interaction API methods could be used for a virtual pet adoption application. Constituents can “adopt” one of a set of available pets, view a list of pets that have been adopted by other constituents, and view the pets they themselves have adopted.

More information on custom interactions can be found at

Required Convio Products:
Constituent360, Convio Open

Convio provides this download as a courtesy and in the hope that it will be useful. This download references or utilizes Convio Open APIs. This download is subject to the terms of the Convio API and Web Services License Agreement.

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Contributor Convio
Version 0.5  
License Convio API and Web Services License Agreement  
Publish Date August 6, 2010  
File Size 360 KB Download
Type Add-on

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