Convio Download Submission Process

Convio strongly encourages you to submit great download to Convio Downloads.  Here's what happens after you submit your download.

Convio Review Process

After you submit your download, we will begin evaluating it.

Minimum Requirements

  • All downloads must make use of (or reference use of) specific Convio Open APIs
  • All downloads must be of one of the following types:
    Add-On: A plug-in, extension, or theme that supplements or enhances an application (e.g. Drupal Module)
    Application: An installation of an executable software application
    Documentation: Enhances existing documentation and knowledge of using Convio Open APIs
    Code: Software source code (complete or partial sample) that implements Convio Open API for a useful purpose
  • All downloads must be a single file -- if you are sharing documentation or code samples that consist of more than one file, than your download must be an archive file (e.g. .zip, .tar) of those files.
  • All downloads must be hosted on a Download Web Page at the time you submit your download for review.  A Download Web Page is a page that is publicly available on the Internet that contains your download file.  Any submission that does not include a Download Web Page will be rejected.

About the Download Web Page

The Download Web Page is a critical element of your Download.  It is the target URL of the "Download" button for your download page on Convio Downloads.  Below are the elements of a successful Download Web Page. Convio will be reviewing not only your actual download file, but the overall download experience you will provide visitors when they leave and navigate to your Download Web Page.  An acceptable Download Web Page includes:

  • A screen shot of your download
  • Applicable installation instructions
  • Applicable installation or system configuration requirements
  • A list of known issues or limitation with your download
  • Clear link or instructions on how to access your download
  • Clear navigation to information about you as the contributor of the download

Ingredients of a Successful Download Submissions

Here are a few tips on how to ensure a successful review of your download.

  • Make sure your download is complete and polished. If it is an application or code sample, test it. If it is documentation, edit it.
  • Include current contact information (email and day-time phone number) in the submission form.  Each download is reviewed by a person here at Convio and we may need to contact you to ask you questions about your download prior to approving it.
  • Provide complete, well-written, and clear responses in the "Submit Your Download" form.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for me to know if my download is approved?

Convio will work quickly to review your download, but please allow us two weeks from the time you submit your download to hear an initial response from us.  After we have reviewed your download, we will send you a status notification via the email address you provide.  If your submission is rejected, Convio will provide you feedback on why.

Will Convio support my download if it is approved?

No.  Any download that you provide will be your responsibility to support and maintain.  It is advised that you include information on how to obtain support on your Download Web Page.

Can I submit more than one download?

Absolutely.  If you have multiple downloads that you think would benefit the Convio client community, we strongly encourage you to submit all of them.

What are the benefits to me in submitting a download?

The benefits to you will vary.  For Convio clients, Downloads is a chance to share your coding efforts with other clients in the hopes that new and improved versions of your work will gain traction in the Convio Developer Community.  For Convio partners, Downloads is a chance to promote yourselves and your great work with more Convio clients.  We hope that all submitters will find satisfaction in sharing their knowledge and work to help other Convio clients achieve their mission.

What should I do if I've developed a new version of a download that is already posted on Convio Downloads?

Convio will periodically monitor existing downloads to make sure the information on is current with the latest version of a download (per the Download Web Page).  If you have an updated version of your download, use the Submit Your Download form to tell us about the update and we will update your Convio Downloads page to reflect your updates or latest work.

How long will Convio keep my download available on Convio Downloads?

Convio wants to maintain a vibrant and fresh set of Downloads on Convio Downloads by keeping all approved downloads live and accessible; however, in certain circumstances Convio will remove a download link if any of the following conditions apply:

  • Your Download Web Page that was originally published is later removed or is inaccessible
  • Convio receives and validates client feedback that a download is not being maintained to work with newer versions of Convio software
  • Your Download Web Page contains inappropriate content or material that violates copyright protections or current Convio approval requirements

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