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Luminate Online APIs

Luminate Online APIs provide ReST-style interfaces intended primarily for integrating Luminate Online content into other websites and creating custom web pages and forms. This documentation provides instructions to configure your site for API usage and a user’s guide to the Luminate Online APIs.

Featured Examples

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Client Community

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Address Book

Allow TeamRaiser participants to manage their address books


Retrieve information on advocacy alerts and interactions

Constituent Management

Create, update, get user data and store info for all Constituent360 records


List and retrieve links to web content defined for your site

DataSync Cross-Reference

Access DataSync cross-reference metadata

Donation Processing

Create the pixel-perfect, custom donation experience


Retrieve your events information to use in other websites


List and retrieve information about constituent groups and query group membership

Single Sign-on

Link 3rd-party user authenticated web services to Luminate Online to create a seamless experience for registered site visitors


Customize and extend constituent surveys


Create powerful custom experiences for special events participants using participant specific data


Manage organizational data