API Administrator Accounts for Server API Access

Luminate Online server APIs require login_name and login_password on each API call. You must create an account in the API Administrator security group in order to use Luminate Online server APIs, and pass the login credentials for this account in each API call.

To create or update Luminate Online API Administrator accounts:

  1. Log in to Luminate Online as a site administrator.
  2. Select Site Options from the Setup menu.
  3. Click the Open API Configuration tab.
  4. In the "Configure API to allow server access" section of the "Open API Configuration" screen, click the Edit server API configuration link.
  5. Under Manage API Administrative Accounts, add at least one API Administrator account.

If you intend to allow multiple individuals or organizations to integrate with your site using these APIs, you should consider creating an API Administrator account for each of them.

Members of the API Administrators group have only one permission: Use Luminate Online APIs.

Note: Accounts in the API Administrators group can only call Luminate Online server API methods; they cannot log in to the Luminate Online web site or perform any other administrative function.

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