Google Maps

Web sites are now combining the geographical data stored in their various databases with maps to produce a rich and interactive experience for navigating useful data.

From available real estate to active nuclear power plants, the world's data is being mapped. Convio CMS clients can take advantage of this by displaying the data captured in their content types on maps to help illustrate a campaign or navigate site visitors to a nearby location.


How it Works

CMS content types provide a structure to store and then repurpose any site content. Content types can be used to store everything from photos, PDF files for download, embedded videos, or complex web content with detailed property attributes. For any content type an organization can add custom property data to capture address information and then link that address to the Google mapping API for dynamic display. Once implemented, this dynamic listing of content will automatically populate the maps as your authors add or edit items within the database.

Use this Extension to map: program activities, event locations, animal shelters, affiliate offices, church locations, alumni branches, or even to chronicle your travels of San Francisco.

Create a map mashup with CMS