C# Sample Client

This sample console application was written in C# using Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition. It demonstrates the following:

  1. Developing with a Service Reference generated from the Luminate Online WSDL.
  2. Storing and using configuration properties in app.config .
  3. Logging request and response messages to a file for debugging.
  4. Calling the Login operation and retrieving the SessionId.
  5. Starting a synchronization session.
  6. Uploading constituent records from an XML data file.
  7. Downloading constituent records to an XML data file.
  8. Querying for cross-references and building a lookup table.
  9. Downloading donation records to an XML data file, resolving the cross-reference for each record.

To try out the sample:

  1. Download this zip file to your local computer and extract it.
  2. Start Visual Studio and choose Open Project... from the File menu. Navigate to the extracted directory and open DataSyncClient.sln .
  3. In the Solution Explorer pane, expand the Service References node.
  4. Delete the existing 'Convio' service reference, and add a new one by right-clicking on Service Reference: 'Add Service Reference'.
  5. In the Address field specify the URL corresponding to your site's WSDL.
  6. Back in the Solution Explorer, double-click on app.config and edit the user name, password, and log file location.
  7. Press F5 to run the sample in Debug mode.

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