Convio Application on the Facebook Platform

Convio has designed an application which can harness the power of content your organization already has and makes it available to the Facebook® network. Using Convio PageBuilder pages and this application, you can present new opportunities to every Facebook member who has added your application, and each time a Facebook member acts on one of those opportunities, his friends are notified.

How it works

Convio provides a detailed toolkit that walks you through creating the application, connecting your Convio site to Facebook, and using Convio tools to publish content directly into your Facebook application.  Additionally, both our network of Fusion partners and our Client Success Services team are ready to help your organization implement the toolkit for you and help devise a strategic plan to take advantage of Facebook.

Download the toolkit (v1.7)
Last updated: June 1, 2009

If your application has already been built but you would like to add the new Gifts functionality to it, the following document contains instructions for creating gifts, incorporating the new required gift pages, and add the special gift coding to existing pages.

Download Incorporating Gifts Into Your Existing Application (v1.6.1)
Last updated: February 28, 2008

Client Examples

Many of Convio's clients have live applications in Facebook right now. Here are just a few examples:



American Health Society

Content is dynamically added to the Facebook application

Facebook Application for AHS

AHS Campaign page on Facebook